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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Roseola Virus

roseola rash photos

What is Roseola Virus?

The actual name of it is Roseola Infantum but people commonly referred to us Roseola Virus or Roseola which most moms used it.
Roseola virus is a mild illness and it is very common mild viral illnesses for children and most unlikely for adults. This virus is associated with very high temperature fever of about 38-40C which most mothers freaked out and most children ended up in emergency hospital but doctors doesn’t take it seriously as they are not life threatening to children who has roseola virus.

Is Roseola Contagious?

Yes, roseola is highly contagious one tiny drops of fluid from infected children with roseola virus from their nose and mouth and for sure you are infected too.  These fluids will make their way when you talk to the infected person, laughs, sneeze and coughs. A person also who have in contact with an infected person by touching and breathing without mask can then also become infected.

Roseola Symptoms

. Person infected with this virus commonly has a very high fever with 38-40C
. Sudden fever last up to 2-3 days or in some rare cases last up to 8 days
. Fever suddenly ends and rosy- pinkish rashes suddenly appear from torso, neck, back and feet.
. In rare cases sore throat may appear with vomiting, stomach ache and diarrhea.
. A child may be irritable and sudden loss of appetite.  

Roseola in babies

So far according to studies, most babies aged 6-12 months are most vulnerable for roseola virus. There is no medicine for this virus as they will go away very quickly without warning. The best treatment for roseola virus is just always keep your baby hydrated and has enough food intakes. Keep your baby hydrated by giving them water or any liquid drinks. If your baby vomits food and water is a must. Always monitor your baby’s temperature and keep in touch to his pediatrician.

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